5 Platforms for Networking In the Digital Age

5 Platforms for Networking In The Digital Age

Guest Blog by Breanna Gunn   Networking conjures up images of professionally awkward events with required name tags and forced small talk. Needless to say, it’s one of the few things we didn’t miss when the COVID-19 pandemic pushed us into quarantine.   Working from home required us all to find new ways to build professional connections and get some…

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Airmeet vs Hopin vs Swapcard

Man at virtual networking event

Are you considering hosting an event, conference, or important meeting and are Zoom-fatigued? This past year has evolved technology as our society shifted from in-person to online. No wonder deciding what platform makes the most sense for a smooth event with the features and capabilities you need is a challenge. Here are three platforms that we think are noteworthy.  Airmeet  Airmeet allows you to host immersive online activities…

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Scheduling Tools Pros & Cons

Scheduling Tools Pros and Cons

Have you ever tried to connect with someone and it seemed like your emails went back and forth for days, or even weeks, before you could find a time that worked for both of you? If that is the case, an online scheduling tool might be just the thing you need! There are so many…

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Are You Ready for Chatbots?

Are you ready for chatbots?

Business has changed so much over the years. With constant growth and innovation happening in every industry, companies can now reach more customers. With this influx of customers however, you need more people to take care of them. What is the best way to do that? Hire more employees? Take on less customers? Charge more…

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Keyword Tools for the Small Business Owner

Using the Keyword Tool for small business owners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to the connected business owner. When your website is well optimized for search engines, it essentially speaks the same language as its visitor base using keywords. Keywords help connect searchers to your site and are one of the main elements of SEO. Using keywords will help your website rank…

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