About DCA Virtual Business Support

DCA Virtual Business Support empowers small businesses with an expert pairing of virtual administrative and creative assistants to match their needs. By outsourcing these tasks and projects, business owners and entrepreneurs can focus on the growth and development of their business without the need to hire full-time staff. 


Support scaling companies to achieve their goals with our tech-savvy team of assistants, relevant technology, and project managers.


Respect confidentiality; inspire business and
personal growth; ethical in all aspects.

About DCA DCA Virtual Assistant Services, Image of 2 of the DCA superheroes.

We call our team #VASuperheroes because each team member contributes a valuable superpower to our clients. Our collaboration focused team of executive assistants, graphic designers, and web developers are skilled at social media management, customer service, executive assistant services, WordPress development and design, graphic design, email marketing, research, and documentation. 

Our collaboration focused team is constantly learning innovative strategies and technologies to match the evolving needs of our clients. We are committed to providing quality outsourced solutions to help businesses and organizations thrive and exceed their goals.

Meet Denise Cagan, President of DCA Virtual Business Support

Meet Denise Cagan

Denise Cagan started her first company while still working as a QA Manager at Coca-Cola. After a year of doing both, she moved on to becoming a full-time business owner at DiCi Services. She grew DiCi for 10 years, selling it in 2011. At that time, Denise established a second and third company. Only one of these remains today which is her current business, DCA Virtual Business Support. 

She attributes her success in navigating the business world to her strong operational and management style and incredible mentors throughout her journey. Denise graduated from James Madison University with a BS in Quality Systems Development. She is a mother, grandmother, and dog-lover. 

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