DCA VA Superhero

Virtual Office Assistant Services

You are too busy to get it all done. Why else would you be here? Our tech-savvy #VASuperheroes are excellent at saving time and keeping you organized so you can you grow your business.

Flex your expertise. Our Executive Assistants will do the rest.  

If you feel like a circus performer instead of a business owneryou’re not alone. Marketing – Administrative – Sales – Strategy – Cultivating Partnerships – Financial Oversight! These are all things that small business owners are juggling as they scale their companies. In fact, many SBOs say their number one time-eater is administrative tasks. Outsourcing these trainable, often repetitive, tasks to a virtual assistant opens up your schedule to focus on what only YOU can do. When you get to flex your expertise, you’re able to grow more efficiently.    

Sales Tasks

  • Contact & database management 
  • Lead and deal tracking 
  • Sales follow-up to inbound leads 

Calendar Management

  • Complex bulk scheduling activities 
  • Meeting reminders
  • Travel arrangements 

Client Communication

  • Follow-up calls
  • Client facing communications
    with C-Level executives
  • Customer Service

Administrative Support

  • Manage & pay bills
  • Minor website changes 
  • Research, data entry & reports 
  • PowerPoint, Word, Excel documents 

VA-20 Retainer Package

$860 /month
  • 20 hours per month

VA-40 Retainer Package

$1600 /month
  • 40 hours per month

VA-60 Retainer Package

$2280 /month
  • 60 hours per month

Team Approach

One of the many benefits of using DCA Virtual Business Support is our team approachEach of our #VASuperheroes has their own unique skill sets. We will always place you with the best suited member of our team so that you have the best level of service for you, however when you need something that falls outside of your Executive Assistant’s skill set, we work as a team to ensure you are taken care of.  

True Story:  

A client came to us with a need to transfer information into a database. They had been collecting data on customers and orders via email over several years. This made it difficult to look up order history or access basic client details. DCA’s team pulled their historical data, labeling it properly so everything is searchable, then uploaded to the new database. Our client’s new system will increase their efficiency in serving their customers.  

Real Life Scenario:

We work with a personal car shopper based in North Carolina. Between research, arranging test drives, and negotiation – paperwork and scheduling is the bane of her existence.  

By taking care of these tasks, DCA saves her the time she needs to work on shopping for the perfect vehicle – this is her expertise muscle. Our #VASuperhero plugged into her system and took over several steps in the process to free up our client’s time. Some of the support we provide includes: 

  • Contracts & Consults – Getting the ball rolling on the client relationship by scheduling your sales appointments 
  • Critical Documents, Questionnaires & Follow-ups – Sending information and following-up until it is safely in your workspace and alerting you when files are complete 
  • Photos & Document Management – Resizing and labeling items so they are searchable and in an organized manner. 
  • Testimonials – Collecting testimonials once the sale or project is complete. We can even include this in a blog, social media, or add to your website.