DCA VA Superhero

Virtual Office Assistant Services

You are too busy to get it all done. Why else would you be here? Our tech-savvy #VASuperheroes are excellent at saving you from that never ending pile of to-do tasks that accumulate as you grow your business.

Administrative Assistant I

This is the first tier of support of support we offer. Grow your business while we handle these repetitive tasks. packages. Packages begin at $320 with as needed option available.

• Data entry
• Customer Service
• Contact management
• Data base management
• Lead and deal tracking
• Research
• Power Point presentations

• Manage & pay bills or subscriptions
• Travel arrangements
• Scan & file documents
• Prepare mailings
• Follow-up calls
• Minor website changes
• Basic reports

AAI-10 Retainer Package

$320 /month
  • 10 hours per month

AAI-15 Retainer Package

$450 /month
  • 15 hours per month

AAI-20 Retainer Package

$560 /month
  • 20 hours per month

Administrative Assistant II

DCA's Administrative Assistant II are supercharged #VASuperheroes. They possess all the skills of the Administrative Assistant I plus some specialized skills. They are adept with complex scheduling, polished communication with C-Level and VIP clients, and they anticipate the needs of our clients who invest in a VA at this level. Some of the specialized skills may include transcription, translation, bookkeeping, hiring forms, intermediate and advanced function for forms, and problem solving skills.

• Transcription
• Translation
• Client facing communications with C-Level executives
• Complex bulk scheduling activities
• Sales follow-up to inbound leads
• Research reports or presentations
• Advanced Powerpoint presentations
• Basic business bookkeeping
• Advanced Excel spreadsheets