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Nurture Small Business!

Our podcast will bring you small business growth ideas, survival strategies, and stories of how women entrepreneurs creatively nurture their businesses for success. From resources for women business owners to how bipartisan legislation impacts women-owned businesses to women’s self-care, we’ll share the lessons learned from real-life business owners.  

Join us as we amplify our voices as one, uplifting and creating a thriving space for women-owned small businesses.  

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Featured Episodes

How Work-From-Home Models Have Impacted Our Mental Health. Image of a stressed-looking woman sitting in her kitchen, looking at her laptop as she holds her glasses and an ink pen in one hand and her head in the other. DCA Virtual Business Support.

How Work-From-Home Models Have Impacted Our Mental Health

September 5, 2023

Work-From-Home Business Models are Trending In the last few years, where, when, and how we work have undergone significant transformation.…

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A More Humanizing Approach to Performance

A More Humanizing Approach to Performance  

August 2, 2023

Whatever happened to the human aspect of human performance? Over time, businesses have abandoned the practice of encouraging human connection…

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How ADHD Can Lead to Entrepreneurial Success

Embracing Your Uniqueness: How ADHD Can Lead to Entrepreneurial Success

June 29, 2023

ADHD and entrepreneurial success are an unexpected yet emerging duo. Whether you yourself have ADHD or you manage a team…

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Terrific host and vehicle to drive content

As a recent podcast guest on the show, I enjoyed my experience. The best part of this was the host. She asks great questions, she does deep research, and she brings fast knowledge and experience to this podcast.

I found myself listening to many of her guests gathering relevant and applicable business knowledge immediately. It’s a wonderful podcast where you could pick up tools that she could use in your business the very same day. ~ PurplePolkaDots,

Great Content for Entrepreneurs!

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your podcast episodes - you can tell that you take great care making sure to curate good content for your audience! ~ Eric Robichaud,

Powerful and pointed show!

I love how Denise has formatted this podcast to get to the heart of the matter, bringing on insightful guests and ensuring they offer actionable information for their listeners. She’s a great host in guiding the flow, making it easy to glide right through episodes! I appreciate the work she is putting into this and the suite of topics she is covering. ~ Tim Mousseau,

Great info from a well-informed host

Denise was terrific during my guest spot on the podcast. As a result, the topics we discussed - and her perspectives on them - should be stimulating for the small business owners and leaders in her audience. Her entire series should be well worth a listen. ~ Bronxboy52,

Denise is great!

Denise was so much fun to talk to! It was such a natural conversation. I am proud of the result. Hope others can find something useful. ~ mshawn1,

Great podcast, insightful interviews

I thoroughly enjoy listening to this show. Denise leads thoughtful discussions that bring value to my personal and professional life. I learn something new every time I listen. ~ shinyorb,

Denise Gets You Focused

There are so many moving parts to running a small business. It can feel confusing or scary to hire someone to help. Denise know how to pick the right guests to get you inspired to take that next step to get focused and grow your business one step at a time. ~ Fitabolize,

Great bite sized small business solutions

Denise has an art of locating solution providers from all over the place. She has a terrific resource for small business owners. ~ Harold Hess, 11

This podcast helps you think through the toughest of business challenges and find your best path forward.

The guests Denise features provide actionable resources that are truly helpful. After being a listener for some time, I was honored to be a guest on Denise's show. I come from the world of nutrition and supplements, consumer products and brand building -- and from a guest perspective, I really enjoyed Denise's line of thoughtful questioning. She set the stage for me to shine. Bravo all around. ~ Care More Be Better, 07

Top rate business podcast

Denise is an excellent host and knows the questions and issues that owners of small businesses are facing. Her topics are relevant and not fluffy. You won’t be wasting time listening to and learning from her and her guests. ~ Stardust 12345, 01

Good usable information

Denise, the Host provides a very good, relaxing atmosphere where guest can be their authentic selves - helping them to deliver their content confidently. I enjoy what I've learned, and was honored to also be a guest! ~ podguest,

Engaging and valuable for business

Denise picks topics and guests that really get me rethinking elements of my business that have helped me boost my income and passion for my business. Highly recommend! ~ James I. Bond,


Helpful and specific.

Denise does a great job not just picking topics that are relevant to small business owners, but making sure to address specific examples listeners can relate to. Keep up the great work! ~  Jerric F,


Spot On

Denise does a great job of digging into and highlighting the most important nuggets in a conversation. - eadwoman,

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