US Based Virtual Assistants for Nonprofits & Associations

The Conundrum of Volunteer Leadership

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Professional associations and nonprofit organizations most often have volunteer leadership. These are uniquely talented individuals who fill these roles. The leadership of these nonprofits and associations are often highly successful in their careers and, as such, are also extremely busy. 

These are definitely the people you need in place and on your board of directors because they have the knowledge and resources to support your organization. But how does your association or nonprofit get work done when these visionaries truly don’t have the time to implement their ideas? The answer to this conundrum is to outsource this work to a Remote Executive Assistant so your board can focus on running and growing your organization. We are a professional outsourced solution for association and nonprofit management. 

Our Virtual Assistants for Nonprofits are knowledgeable in many different donor tracking platforms and CRMs. For our professional associations, we also have Remote Assistants for Wild Apricot who know the ins and outs of this platform. Our US Based Virtual Assistants are skilled in many software apps to support your organization with events, fundraising, and digital presence. 

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The team approach...

Each organization needs something different. To have multiple skill sets, you often need multiple volunteers or employees. Our approach allows you to have one point of contact for all your organization’s needs. We can fully customize a package of services that you will use regularly in your professional association or nonprofit with our Virtual Executive Assistants and Social Media Marketing Assistants.  

Some commonly requested services include: 

  • Fundraising Assistance 
  • Event Registration Set Up 
  • Event Management & Promotion 
  • Speaker Liaison & Scheduling 
  • Member and Donor Communications 
  • Member and Donor Management 
  • Website Updates or Blog Posting 
  • Social Media Posting 
  • Maintaining Event Calendar 
  • Meeting & Board Minutes 
  • Database & Outreach Management