Man at virtual networking event

Airmeet vs Hopin vs Swapcard

Are you considering hosting an event, conference, or important meeting and are Zoom-fatigued? This past year has evolved technology as our society shifted from in-person to online. No wonder deciding what platform makes the most sense for a smooth event with the features and capabilities you need is a challenge. Here are three platforms that we think are noteworthy. 


Airmeet allows you to host immersive online activities that feel as authentic as in-person gatherings. It offers HD video and audio and is completely web hosted so there is no need to install programs on your computer. 

To ensure data security, Air meet offers end-to-end encryption. This platform allows a customizable event landing page, registrations, speed networking, social lounge, and exhibit tables. If you are hosting an important meeting like you company annual meeting, the presenting features allows you to have all eyes focused on whoever is on stage.  

The platform also includes a virtual backstage where you can collaborate with the speakers and other hosts. The backstage is where you can walk through the event and test audio and video without disturbing the attendees, 

There are plenty of ways to encourage engagement in Airmeet in networking sessions, the lounge, and chat channel. DCA Virtual Business Support has both hosted and attended events in Airmeet.  


Hopin is another virtual event software that we have had a chance to experience. Need to engage your team, host your business meeting on Hopin where your team can move between rooms and share documents. It can also be used for conventions, summits, and seminars.  

The strength of in-person activities is networking. Hopin excels at reproducing this in the virtual space. The platform can be configured with your branding and has quite an impressive list of features. Some of the most notable are referral monitoring and multiple language translations.  

Hopin offers an API and integrates with many other platforms through Zapier. Some of the platforms that can be integrated are Marketo, Salesforce, HubSpot, Eventbrite, and Mailchimp. It also comes with enhanced analytic and reporting capabilities.  


Convincing your audience to collaborate away from more familiar platforms such as Zoom or Teams can be a challenge. Swapcard’s strategy should be commended. Individuals can access the platform by clicking through from the event page. From there, participants can browse the exhibit hall, experience your company’s amazing graphics and branding, plus peruse session information until the main event begins. 

At the end of 2020, DCA assisted a global non-profit with an event on Swapcard. One of the features that impressed all of us was the messaging system which delivered the messages in the correct time zones. Sessions can be recorded and stored on Swapcard for up to a year, allowing participants to return to your content.  

Swap Card provides a desktop interface as well as a mobile app. Event organizers have access to attendee profiles and analytics to track session participation. This allows you to fine tune your efforts for the next event. 

It’s a brave new world out there now. We’d love to hear from you on your experience with remote and virtual platforms. Contact us here.