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The Art of Holistic Marketing Pt. 2: Utilizing the Tools in the Shed

In part one of The Art of Holistic Marketing, we defined what a holistic marketing approach is, identified its key components and how you could benefit from taking a holistic approach. But what tools do you use to make this approach work? In this blog, we uncover the essential tools such as drip and re-engagement campaigns. Plus, we discuss the significance of utilizing scheduling applications, recommending our top platforms to enhance your customer experience.

How to Use Drip Campaigns and Re-engagement Campaigns

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are designed to nurture leads, educate customers, and guide them through the buyer’s journey. In a holistic marketing approach, drip campaigns can be integrated into the broader strategy by delivering content that resonates with the audience and reinforces the brand message.

3 Key Drip Campaign Benefits:

Drip campaigns can be segmented and personalized based on customer preferences, behavior, or demographics, delivering more targeted and relevant content to different audience segments. This goes back to the emphasis on personalized communication.

You can use analytics tools to track the performance of drip campaigns. Insights from user engagement and behavior can help you define other areas that need improvement, like your persona, content strategy, or performance on marketing channels.

If you aren’t sure how a drip campaign works or how to go about executing one, read our previous blog for the full rundown.

Re-engagement Campaigns

Have you ever lost a lead? If yes, read closely. Re-engagement campaigns are designed to win back customers who have disappeared and become disengaged. They reinforce relationship marketing by helping to maintain strong and long-lasting customer relationships.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Re-engagement Campaign:

Identify segments of your audience that show signs of disengagement – customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while or newsletter subscribers who haven’t interacted with your emails. Then, tailor your re-engagement campaigns to address the specific reasons you identified for your audiences’ disengagement. For example, trigger re-engagement emails when a customer hasn’t visited your website for a certain period or when they abandon a shopping cart.

Email is a common channel for re-engagement campaigns, but a holistic strategy might include utilizing multiple channels like social media or personalized content on your website to reconnect with inactive customers.

Provide incentives like exclusive offers to encourage re-engagement. This could include discounts, personalized recommendations, or access to products that haven’t been released yet. Just make sure that the incentives you offer align with your overall brand message and goals.

Whether through drip campaigns, re-engagement efforts, or other forms of communication, maintaining a consistent brand voice and look is essential. Visual consistency reinforces brand recognition and trust. You can use drip campaigns and re-engagement campaigns as opportunities for brand storytelling too. Everyone loves a good story that makes them feel connected to a brand, so communicate yours!

Utilizing Scheduling Applications

With everything being digitalized these days, incorporating scheduling platforms into your business is no longer an option but a necessity. As we already highlighted, the holistic approach to marketing is all about seamless interaction which extends to your customers’ scheduling experience. If it requires too much effort to schedule an appointment or consultation with you, then customers are more likely to take their business elsewhere. Luckily, there are many scheduling applications at your disposal that can improve the customer experience and streamline communication while saving you time and resources.

Our top three scheduling platform recommendations are Engageware, Calendly, and Microsoft Bookings.


Mastering the art of holistic marketing involves not only understanding its key components and benefits but also utilizing the right tools to execute a seamless experience for your audience across various channels. Drip campaigns can help you foster leads and guide customers through the buyer’s journey. Additionally, re-engagement campaigns serve as a powerful tool for winning back disengaged customers, reinforcing the principles of relationship marketing.  And last but certainly not least, implementing scheduling applications is a necessity in this digital era. They help you to create an easy and efficient customer experience while saving valuable time and resources. Embrace these holistic marketing tools, and you’ll not only enhance your brand’s visibility but also develop meaningful connections with your audience.

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