Are you ready for chatbots?

Are You Ready for Chatbots?

Business has changed so much over the years. With constant growth and innovation happening in every industry, companies can now reach more customers. With this influx of customers however, you need more people to take care of them. What is the best way to do that? Hire more employees? Take on less customers? Charge more for your services?

You can do any of these. There is, however, another option you can add to the list: AUTOMATION. By automating most of your processes, you will be able to focus on growing your business. Throughout this blog we are going to explore how chatbots can help in the automation process and create a great customer experience.

What is a Chatbot?

What is a chatbot you ask? They are programs built to automatically engage with received messages. They can be programed to do several different things. You can use them to answer questions and provide information to customers. They can schedule meetings and appointments, as well as aid in customer service inquiries. Chatbots have the potential to help your business maximize its efforts and use your time more efficiently.

Pros and Cons of Chatbots

With the use of chatbots comes its own share of pros and cons. They can help streamline your processes and provide 24/7 service, but they can also be less personal.


  • Answer FAQ’s
  • Can aid in resolving a complaint or problem
  • Handle transactions
  • Save time & money by automating conversions that would require an employee
  • Identify leads by asking customer basic questions and identifying their needs
  • Provide 24/7 support


  • Some chatbot services require coding experience
  • Removes some human interaction
  • Limited responses
  • Complex chatbots can cost more

Benefits of Using Chatbots on Social and Websites

Adding bots to your social media and websites can add value and improve your user experience. They allow you to connect with your audience where they are at that moment in time. You can meet their needs and answer their questions right there. Let’s look at some of the benefits of both.


When using a bot on social platforms, it allows you to collect information, make recommendations, aid in customer support, and even take orders. You can do all these things without your audience leaving the social platform. How many times have you had to make a half dozen clicks to only get frustrated and give up on your objective? This is a true benefit of convenience to the end user. When you use a chatbot to answer FAQ’s, it can also present call to action pieces to get your audience engaged including requesting feedback about your products. If your audience is already on social, then this a great way to connect with them.


Having a chatbot available on your website provides your customers with a way to get in touch with you anytime. They can schedule appointments, answer questions, and help direct leads. Chatbots are smart enough to know where your traffic is coming from too. If someone comes to your website from a marketing email it knows. This kind of information helps guide conversations with customers.

Let’s talk about sales for a minute. Having a chatbot makes it easier to buy and can replace many steps in the buying process. Overall having a chatbot on your website aids both the business and the customer for a better overall experience.

While chatbots are not meant to replace human contact, they do play a vital role in business. They are becoming more common, and there is no doubt that they enhance the customer experience. Chatbots allow businesses to get the information they need upfront, creating more informed support teams. This will lead to more successful social interactions, meaning happier customers.

So, should you start incorporating chatbots into your business? Do you want to take advantage of the benefits? The answer seems clear. Whether you jump in with both feet or just dip your toe in, chatbots are here to help!