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Virtual Sales Support Assistant: Doing Sales Differently

Want to qualify leads faster? How about boosting sales? Or maybe it’s time to enhance your customer service? With a virtual sales support assistant, you could do it all. Stop talking the talk and start walking the walk this year!

What is a Virtual Sales Assistant?

A virtual sales assistant is someone who assists your company’s sales from a completely remote location. For example, you may be in North Carolina while your sales assistant works from Colorado. Location doesn’t matter; the focus is on fulfilling the work that needs to be done.

So, what could a virtual sales assistant do for you? It could be as simple as scheduling meetings, to assisting with sales bids and packets. We have highlighted a handful of tasks that we think would benefit you the most!

Customer Relationship Management Services and CRM Software

Providing relationship management services is vital to maintaining satisfied customers and clients. A virtual sales support assistant can assist with these services by providing quick follow ups, sending birthday cards, scheduling meetings, and answering questions.

In addition to customer relationship services, a sales support assistant can help manage your CRM software. CRM software is designed to help your business analyze and improve customer relations. It can assist you by sending reminders to complete tasks and follow up with clients, as well as implementing workflow automation. These can be tedious tasks that steal you and your staff away from higher-priority projects.

Capture Leads

Every business wants to follow up with leads as quickly as possible. With a virtual sales assistant, this process can move more quickly and efficiently than if you or someone else on your team were juggling this task with other projects. Keeping an organized online database, along with keeping files up to date, often gets swept aside when you have fifty other tasks that need to get done. These are easy jobs you could delegate to a virtual sales assistant. Their job is to make your life easier and help your business operate smoothly.

Sales Reports Assistance

A sales support assistant can help produce straightforward and concise reports using the information they collect through the CRM. Having someone assist with this process will not only help it operate more smoothly, but more regularly too. With the tools given to a sales support assistant, they can provide you with a holistic overview of your company’s sales, conduct sales research, identify gaps in the sales process, and suggest solutions to improve sales.

For example, a DCA Virtual client came to us in need of sales assistance. After working with one of our specialized virtual assistants, the company was able to cut its sales process down from 12 days to 3 days! 

Despite all the pros of hiring a virtual sales assistant, it can be challenging to build trust with someone who you have never met in person. That’s why it is important to form a plan and communicate your needs and expectations for your sales support assistant.

How to Operate Effectively with a Virtual Sales Support Assistant?


Things can get messy when everyone is not on the same page. The key to a successful relationship with your virtual sales support assistant is communication. Communicate instructions and expectations. Create a space where they feel comfortable communicating with you. Encourage them to ask questions, provide feedback on their work, and be transparent with them. It is always better to over-communicate than to under-communicate, especially when your relationship exists virtually.

Set Goals

In order to reap the full benefits of having a virtual sales assistant, you need to go into the relationship with goals in place. An example of a goal might be to follow up with leads within 24 hours. Allow yourself the time to think about what is not getting done that you would like to see flourish, and where you could use assistance. From there you can formulate goals and create a task list for your sales assistant. Make sure you document processes and procedures too. This will help maintain a healthy and organized workflow.

Think Felxible

The beauty of having a sales assistant that works remotely is flexibility. Though structure is still needed, time is much more fluid which can help eliminate stress and feeling like you’re in a crunch. Empower your virtual sales assistant to own their success and to operate how they see fit to accomplish their workload.

Next Steps

Did this hit home for you? If so, it might be time for you to hire a virtual sales support assistant. Our team at DCA Virtual is ready to assist. Learn how we can help you transform your sales process by contacting us to schedule a free consultation today!


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