Let Go and Say Yes: Travel, Branding, and Beyond with Meg Seitz 

Imagine you could pack one backpack with life lessons, not textbooks. What would you fill it with, and where would you travel to learn them? From Northern Ireland, Bermuda, Vienna, and more, today’s guest has learned many valuable life lessons on her worldwide adventures.  

Meet Meg Seitz, Founder and CEO of toth shop, a communications agency that focuses on the human and holistic approach to branding, marketing, and communications. Meg is also the author of “You Are Something New,” a 10-chapter book reflecting on her personal and career experiences over the last 20 years. She encourages letting go, trusting the journey, and being willing to say “yes.” In today’s episode, Meg and Denise dive deep into worldwide lessons, branding, humanizing communication, adapting to change, and more. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!  

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