Scaling Impact: Shortcuts for Entrepreneurial Growth

Beate Chelette Social 1

Guest: Beate Chelette, The Women’s Code

As an entrepreneur, how are you building, scaling, or growing your business? Maybe you’re focusing on one or all. Today’s guest shares how she uses shortcuts to help businesses succeed at all three! 

Beate Chelette is the author of “Happy Woman, Happy World,” a book dedicated to sharing the challenges that working mothers face and how the lack of a code amongst women is detrimental to their personal development as leaders. Beate dishes about her experience as an immigrant, entrepreneur, and business leader. Despite facing many obstacles from employee betrayal to natural disasters to personal loss, she refused to give up. Beate’s experience has inspired her to help other people make their impact in this world.  

Through her business The Women’s Code, Beate helps businesses grow and scale by providing specific strategies tailored to their needs. As founder and Growth Architect, she creates strategies and designs process maps and blueprints for leaders who want to maximize their profits and scale their impact.  

If you’re interested in an Opportunity Assessment with Beate, click here! Don’t forget to mention this podcast episode for priority service! Further, we encourage you to take the “What’s Your Talent Worth?" quiz to calculate the value of your talent in the market.

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