Nesha Pai: Kicking Your Obstacles to the Curb 

What is adversity? It’s life’s way of testing whether we’re worthy of an epic comeback story we’re destined to tell. Today’s guest is the definition of a persistent, self-made woman. As a single mother working in accounting, she faced numerous obstacles, ultimately leading her to resign from her job and embark on a journey of establishing her own thriving business. 

Meet Nesha Pai, CPA, owner and CEO of Pai CPA, LLC, and author of the award-winning book “Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles”. She is also an international speaker, motivating women and entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams by providing them with the necessary tools to conquer obstacles in their path. In this episode, Nesha spills stories of adversity to inspire others and offers words of wisdom for female entrepreneurs juggling multiple businesses. 

Looking for more tips on how to kick adversity to the curb? Check out Nesha’s podcast, Piece of the Pai 

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