Denise’s Opinions: Employee Values in a New Era

In the wake of significant changes witnessed in recent years, a remarkable shift in the workforce has unfolded. With the retirement of Baby Boomers and a rise in Gen Z workers, businesses must really consider what employees value. Join Denise as she dives into the current trends in the workforce, shedding light on their effects on both employees and employers.

Denise explores the positive and negative aspects of workforce trends, such as the rise of remote and hybrid work models. She emphasizes how these new approaches can enhance overall well-being while also acknowledging their potential impact on mental health. From the importance of cultivating soft skills to the value of gathering employee feedback and championing diversity initiatives, Denise provides insights on creating a more enjoyable workplace and navigating through transformative changes. Catch valuable tips for preparing for the changing workforce in this episode of Denise’s Opinions!

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