Increase Conversions on Instagram with Bio Link Tools

Social media is a great way to connect with your audience and grow your business. Instagram introduced tools specifically geared towards business accounts in 2016. To be successful on Instagram, you need to understand both the technical aspect of using the app and how it works for businesses. We’ll give tips for getting started on Instagram and give you the tea on two ways that you can use it as a secret weapon to grow your business. 

Getting Started on Instagram 

Getting started on Instagram might seem intimidating, we totally get it. Here are the basics to get you going:  

  • Upload frequently. 
  • Use hashtags strategically. 
  • Get creative with captions and stories. 
  • Post Reels to bring your content to the forefront. 
  • Engage in conversations with followers by commenting or liking posts they share. 
  • Create relationships by following other accounts relevant to yours. 
  • Track performance metrics like Follower growth rate or Likes per photo so that you know what kind of content appeals most to your audience. 

The Problem with Instagram’s Bio Link 

Increasing brand awareness is only part of the equation. The other part, of course, is getting consumers to purchase what you offer. To drive up conversion rates on Instagram, you need to make it as easy as possible for people to get to the point of sale. In other words, you need to reduce the number of steps it takes to go from casually scrolling through their Instagram feed to checking out a product in your online store. Unfortunately, this can be a real headache since Instagram only allows you to add a single link to your bio and none to individual posts. This is Instagram’s strategy to discourage members from leaving the app for another site. Instagram’s algorithm also makes it difficult for businesses to coordinate the links in their bios with their posts since posts aren’t shown chronologically anymore.  

Luckily, there are some awesome tools out there to make your life easier by helping your audience access your service or product links. We’re going to talk about two bio link tools: Shop Grid and Linktree. 

Shop Grid 

Shop Grid is a new feature in Buffer that allows you to link multiple products or page links to your Instagram bio. This tool is only available for Buffer’s business and premium plans and is a partnership with Instagram. With Shop Grid, you create a shoppable landing page that links your individual posts to their respective product page. Simply link your Shop Grid link in your bio and let it do its magic. When your audience visits your Shop Grid link, they will be able to scroll through your posts with easy access to the proper product or service pages. What’s great about Buffer is that you can plan and schedule your posts ahead of time and update the links in your scheduled posts if necessary. 


Linktree is similar to Shop Grid in that it creates a landing page that houses several links. You would also add this link as your Instagram bio link. However, Linktree is not intrinsically connected to Instagram and can be used for all social media platforms. While this means you can’t directly connect product links to your individual Instagram posts like with Shop Grid, your Instagram audience will still have quicker and easier access to the correct links than before. Linktree offers free and paid versions. The paid version has more features that aid in customization and analytics. If you want something to help expand brand awareness across all your social media platforms, Linktree could be a helping hand. 

Both Shop Grid and Linktree have their pros and cons and whichever one you choose is up to you. Ultimately, they both strive to increase conversion rates by making it faster and easier for your audience to visit the proper webpages and checkout. Up your game by using these tools and Instagram can become your secret weapon for business growth. 

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