The importance of taking a vacation

Why Ignoring a Vacation will Cost You Time and Sales

Taking a vacation can lower your stress and improve your heart and mental health. It can also improve your connections and how you communicate with people. When was the last time you took a vacation? If you’re like many business owners, it’s been awhile. In fact, studies have determined that only around fifty percent of business owners plan a vacation annually and most only take a few days.  So, why aren’t we allowing ourselves the opportunity to rest and recharge?

For a number of you it may be the inability to disconnect. What if you miss a chance to connect with a potential client? Or maybe you’re worried about who will handle the day to day tasks. Who is going to handle payroll? Or perhaps the concern is client satisfaction. Who will handle those urgent requests? But, giving yourself time away is crucial to your ability to handle all those details you juggle every day. Outsourcing some of your tasks may just be your ticket to getting some well-deserved time away.

Outsourcing some of your everyday tasks can free up time for you to grow your business. It can also save you money by reducing your overhead and allowing for more revenue to be driven toward operations. Additionally, outsourcing tasks can free up your personal time giving you the opportunity to take that much needed holiday. If missing the day to day affairs has you skipping vacation, then consider engaging an outside service to assist you with some of these tasks. Payroll, bookkeeping, scheduling, and administrative tasks can all be outsourced.

Whether you’re passing a task along to a subject matter expert or delegating to an employee, outsourcing can come in many different forms. If you’re worried about missing the opportunity to connect with a potential new client, consider tapping a trusted employee to handle all prospects until your return. Clearly communicate what information you require and what information you want given out. Then reach out once you get back refreshed and rejuvenated.

But, what if a client really needs to speak to you? Again, this is something that can easily be handled by a trusted employee. Think about some of the issues you may have dealt with recently and provide them a template for how to handle these eventualities. Let them know what constitutes an emergency and where you can be reached if something comes up. But, don’t worry, everything will be just fine. Trust in your skilled staff to hold down the fort while you’re gone.

Allowing yourself time to relax and unwind is critical to your ability to run a successful business and having a happy life. And as you’ve read, there are ways to make sure the work gets done. Uncertain where to start? Let’s schedule a time to chat about your needs. And just remember, you don’t have to go far. You don’t even have to leave town to give yourself a break. The important thing is that you honor your need for a break and return relaxed and renewed and ready to keep driving your business.