5 Sources of Content Inspiration

5 Sources of Content Inspiration

Coming up with captivating online content can be a challenge. But it’s necessary for drawing in leads, establishing and sustaining your credibility, and improving your SEO. In short, creative online content is necessary to grow your business.

To make it easy on you, here are our top 5 sources of content inspiration.


#1 Top Performers on Social Media

What works for others may work for you. That includes your competitors! For example, notice how top performing Facebook pages grow and appeal to their followers. Pay close attention to those pages’ unicorn posts – posts that do exceptionally well in terms of engagement and shares. Are they videos? Are they educational? Do they capitalize on a trending topic? In fact, you can find inspiration in your own unicorns and create similarly styled posts. Repurpose them to see if they also perform well.

Look at top Pinterest boards too, even if they don’t have anything to do with your industry or target demographic. Pinterest is meant for collecting inspiring images. Top-performing boards are bound to inspire you to try something new with your brand, style or aesthetic – all of which have a real impact on the stories you tell about your company, the purpose of having content.


#2 Trending Topics + Hashtags

Pay close attention to popular cultural events as they’re circulating on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Twitter shows trending topics based on your location. This makes it easy for small businesses to participate in meaningful conversations with their immediate communities.

Facebook trending topics are separated by categories like News, Sports, and Entertainment. See which category your industry is most impacted by, or what your target market is interested in, and join in the conversation.

It’s okay if you comment on trending topics that don’t seem to have anything to do with your business or brand. In fact, by including fun, non-salesy content on your social media pages, it makes you more approachable and engaging.


#3 Social Listening + Customer Feedback

In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of social listening to any business marketing itself online. Social listening isn’t just great customer service. It can also inspire innovative ideas for your product or service. Responding to feedback or questions from target audiences can generate content by giving you the opportunity to share advice and show off your expertise. You can do this in a variety of ways including blog posts or video tutorials.

In fact, positive feedback from former customers or clients can be turned into content. Good reviews, for example, can be made into an eye-catching picture quotes that’s sure to draw in new leads.


#4 Employees

Your internal team can be a great source of inspiration and content. Create regular team meetings dedicated to the free exchange of ideas. Give incentives to your employees to share what their work life is like on social media and make sure they tag your company. Make social media part of your company’s culture, and content creation will be that much easier. Plus, audiences will see your company as a positive, affirming place for the professionals who work there.


#5 Your Favorite Websites + Blogs

Industry related or not, your favorite websites and blogs can be an endless source of inspiration.  This is another way of keeping up with today’s trending topics which we highlighted earlier in our article. Keep track of your favorite sites through RSS feeds, news aggregators like Inoreader or Feedly, or old-fashioned bookmarks on your browser.

We also suggest you explore award-winning blogs and websites too – ones that make reputable top ten lists for design and content. These can be great resources for how to spruce up your own content!


We would love to know what your tips and tricks are for creating fresh content. Feel free to comment below or send join us on our Social Media Training page on Facebook.


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