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Lights! Camera! Action on Social Media Video Editing

A post. A photo. A video. When planning your social media goals, you must plan effectively for your business. Video content is an amazing engagement tool that boosts traffic. You become the filmmaker for your business! Even better, you don’t have to be a blockbuster director or editor to create powerful material. By having a strong plan, storyboard, and strategy, your social media reach will soar. 

Take the time to plan.

Yes, time is money, but a planning session will go a long way. Understand which resources you have at your fingertips.  Literally, at your fingertips! With cell phones being high resolution and apps being practically all-inclusive, being chained to a desktop editing is a thing of the past! With it being so easy to distribute video content from your phone, this requires you to have a plan in place.  Your plan has three cornerstones that must be defined: your audience, your content goals, and your end result.  

During the planning phase, you must know your audience. Videos with fast-paced, frenetic editing may turn off some followers. Slower-paced, storytelling videos may make them snooze through your content.  Find that sweet spot! Know who your audience is and what will best captivate them. Identify to which style they best respond. In doing so, you will be able to consistently build your content. 
Additionally, while planning, take time to outline your content goals. Is your business marketing a certain topic or product? Outline your month’s vision to ensure you do not miss an opportunity! Nothing hurts a marketing video more than having no content goals. Missing content, inconsistent frames, and complex copy will stump your editing process. Outlining the must-have video coverage will keep you on schedule! 
Finally, because the planning phase is so thorough, do not lose sight of your final message. Sometimes we have a firm grasp on the video’s content, but we don’t have a clear ending. Remaining mindful of your final message is imperative to successful engagements. What is your end result for your video?  What should your followers gain from your content? What do you want them to do? You must effectively land the plane! Most marketing videos will finish with a call to action. Ensuring that your content lands with a call to action is necessary for follow-through! Some projects lose sight of their landing strip and will abruptly arrive at the end, leaving their followers unsure of the message. Be clear. Be concise. Do not leave your audience hanging.  Leave the cliffhangers to Hollywood blockbusters, not marketing material! 

Let us now wear the hat of scriptwriter, director, and editor! 

This means storyboarding. In the world of television and filmmaking, a storyboard is a frame-by-frame board of how your video will unfold. It allows you to plot a careful narration. This will help convey the message to the intended audience. Without storyboarding, your video will suffer from continuity issues. Don’t skip this step. Since video marketing is SO easy, it’s tempting to just quickly create and share content! Skipping out on storyboarding is likened to presenting a speech without an outline. Unless you are confident and well-rehearsed, the speech conveys as incoherent. 

Finally, let’s talk strategy!

Within the film industry, the producer is your strategist.  The person who is looking at the bigger picture. They want audiences filling those seats on opening weekend. Like opening weekend, your marketing video will need to make a strong initial impact. In the world of social media, a video has a very brief heyday unless it spirals into the viral universe.  So, make the most of your video’s premiere on social media. Strategize! Understand your analytics so you can schedule the best time of day to post. Consider boosting your post for further reach. Know your demographics so your engagements will be successful. Preparing and scheduling your opening weekend will exceed your expectations! 

With the right plan, a purposeful storyboard, and an effective strategy, you will be pumping out marketing videos in no time! Do you feel you still need some help preparing your video content? We have some mighty creative video strategists, virtual assistants, and editors that are here to get your marketing in the right direction. Schedule a consultation, today!