23 Years Since Full SBA Reauthorization – Is This The Year?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 by President Eisenhower and has not been reauthorized since 2000. Congress is currently considering reauthorizing the SBA. My guests today provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes pass on what modernizations to the SBA might look like and the importance of small business owners having a voice in Washington!…

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All About the Money

It is all about the money in this episode. Do you have a financial guide or someone in your corner? Today’s guest, Rylan Kimler of Net Profit CFO, is the ultimate behind-the-scenes guy when it comes to backing your company’s finances. He makes cents of everything from balance statements to EBITDA to profit and loss.…

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This is How We Do It 🎵 at DCA Virtual – 2022 Rewind

It is out with the old for this episode as we reflect on 2022’s most memorable moments and lessons. To help us do so, I am joined by Deanne Duncan and Samantha Robbins of DCA Virtual Business Support. We reflect on the strides our company made this year, as well as the challenges it faced.…

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How to Incorporate Gen Z Into Your Company’s Technology

Hackers are finding more creative ways to hold your data hostage every day. To keep them at bay and protect your business, every team member needs to be in the know about your security plan. Denis O’Shea, founder of Mobile Mentor, sheds light on what dramatic changes in business tech could mean for you. Once…

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How to Attract the Talent You Need

How to Attract the Talent You Need. Image of a woman standing with people sitting in the background. Candidate

An essential part of any successful business is the team behind it. Whether you are in the initial stages of building a business, or years into it, the importance of hiring people who will meet the needs of your business never diminishes. You know you need help, so how do you attract the ideal candidate…

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Resilience We Share: Empowered Women to Join Forces for Equality

Resilience We Share: Empowered Women to Join Forces Equality

As Women’s Equality Day approaches, we are looking at the challenging yet courageous fight for women’s equality in the United States. From the 1848 Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention to the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the first woman vice president of the United States, history is being written right before our eyes. There…

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Keeping Your Business Relevant

Bethany Meadows, president of Vertical Solutions Media, joins us to answer the question of how business owners can stay relevant in today’s marketplace landscape.  Bethany uses her brand and marketing expertise to manage multiple small businesses. She also provides resources for other business owners with training, coaching, and support. She is the mother of seven children…

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Freedom in Workplace Culture: Employee Recruitment and Retention

Freedom in Workplace Culture: Employee Recruitment & Retention

Curt Tueffert is the VP of Sales Development at DXP Enterprises, a $1 billion industrial distributor. Curt is also a professor at the University of Houston, teaching sales and marketing. He’s an author and a professional speaker. He tackles topics such as sales, employee recruitment, leadership, and more. And on special occasions, he is known…

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Nurture Small Business Podcast: A Year in Review

Nurture Small Business Podcast: A Year In Review

For our 2021 wrap-up, I wanted to share with you the best of the best from Season 2. I also want to thank you, my listeners, for being here. I hope you have enjoyed the content that Nurture Small Business has brought to you in our first two seasons, and I’d love to hear your suggestions for guests or topics for Season 3. Simply reach…

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What Makes an Ideal Client?

Someone close to me used to say, any paying client is a good client. While it is definitely good to get paid, don’t get lulled into believing that statemen

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