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Anyone Can Do Social Media…or Can They?

Social Media expertsThe simple truth is anyone CAN do social media but that does not necessarily mean that everyone does it well. It frustrates me to hear customers say, “Oh, I’ll just get my intern or a volunteer or one of my employees to handle our Facebook page.”

My head immediately swells with questions: Do they understand your marketing and business objectives? Are they able to analyze your channel to discover the best time to post as well as the content that gets the most activity? Do they know what contributes a good post or update vs a bad one? Are they able to analyze your activity and report how that affects your overall business goals and objectives? Many small businesses who do social media in-house approach it like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. While this approach gives them the social media presence they need, it doesn’t always deliver a consistent message to their audience.

CNBC recently featured Likeable Local’s CEO, Dave Kerpen, who stated that “Social media is essential these days to small businesses, because their customers and their prospects are all there.” He went on to say that social media is an ideal opportunity to generate referrals from your existing customer base.

Many virtual assistants are quite proficient and offer packages that are much lower than Social Media specific firms, but with skills and knowledge your volunteer or intern doesn’t have. DCA Virtual Business Support has recently launched a comprehensive package for Social Media catered to small business. We are dedicated to helping small business owners and solo entrepreneurs stay in the game by working to prepare monthly editorial social media calendars that are responsive and directly benefit business objectives at an affordable rate.