Lead Generation Journey through Marketing and Sales Automation

Choose Your Own Adventure: Lead Generation

If you were an ‘80s or ‘90s child, or at least knew of one, you may remember the cult classic series Choose Your Own Adventure. With the publisher’s nuanced style, the reader was quickly immersed into a personalized adventure. This made the stories more relevant for the reader.  They were in control. Well, the kids have grown up and are still choosing their own adventures! This time, it’s all online and all on your website. 

That’s why you’re here. You want to improve the visitor’s experience as well as increase traffic to your website. Today, the adventure is marketing automation! The actions visitors take on your website is what builds a lead profile. This profile will help you create a more personalized experience for your visitor. These behind the scenes moments are key to your success! Like any classic, Choose Your Own Adventure book, let’s jump to the next page to see how to make the most of your marketing and sales automation.

Maximizing your automation will take you down three specific paths: triggers, rules, and content creation. Like any Choose Your Own Adventure story, turning to a page too early in your journey could set you up for an untimely demise. Yikes! Let’s apply this to your marketing automation strategy. You must assess your triggers, set your rules, and generate dynamic content; in that order.

Imagine this: you’re a travel agent looking to increase your website leads. A potential lead is surfing your site, pricing a trip to the mountains. How would you know this? Perhaps they clicked on a trackable media source or filled out a form. This is a trigger! Tracking how leads interact with your website will help you improve their experience. Based on these interactions your automation platform is building a profile of their interests. How? Let’s jump to the next chapter: setting website rules.

Lead tracking and profile building are impossible with triggers alone. Triggers work closely with rules. They’re practically holding each other’s hands on the journey! As the triggers are prompted, the rules are reacting. You can choose how simple or complex these rules are. If your lead requests more information on that cabin in the mountains, what is next? Would you send them an email on luxury beach vacations? No! With the correct rules connected to your triggers, you would send an email with details on that cozy cabin getaway!

As we approach the final chapter of our journey, keep in mind that each chapter builds on the last. After knowing what triggers to set and what rules to implement, it’s time to decide on high-impact dynamic content. Content that is determined by your lead’s interactions. As they visit your landing pages, the content will match their interests. From here you can ensure that leads are getting the information they truly need for one last push to close the deal.

Whether your organization markets to consumers or other businesses, lead generation is king.  To remain relevant, you must create an advantage over your competitors with fresh marketing approaches. Whether manually chasing leads or using multiple platforms, let’s stop chasing our tails! Automation is designed to improve this experience for both you and your client.

Marketing and sales automation, by design, is a powerhouse for your business. Maximizing its potential is the key. Don’t miss out on important opportunities to create substantial leads. Lead generation benefits you, your business, and your brand’s longevity. You want your clients to remember you. You want them to think of you first when a need arises. You can choose your own adventure and dip your toe in the automation pool. Or you can dive in with your brand and make this the best business journey!

Need to make sense of all of this? Our team is well-versed in all-things automation. We are a proud partner agency with the mighty SharpSpring. If all of this has made you curious, join us on an informational webinar to learn more about how this powerful tool can impact your business: Dcavirtual.com/marketing-automation