Why Every Business Should Perform a User Experience Audit. Image of people looking at a white board with mobile website designs drawn on it.

Why Every Business Should Perform a User Experience Audit

If you run a business that sells products online, chances are you’ve experienced a customer abandoning their shopping cart. Or perhaps you see that people are frequently visiting your website but taking little to no further action. Ever wonder why that is? With so many components of a website, it can be challenging to get to the root of what needs optimization. So, how do you make that determination? The answer is a UX Audit.

What is a UX Audit?

A User Experience Audit (UX Audit) identifies areas of a digital site that are not functioning properly or are giving your visitors a hard time. It analyzes your website to ensure that it meets business and user experience expectations.

A UX Audit can be performed by a few different people or groups. Some businesses choose to use their internal design team. Others may hire a UX design agency, because of the detailed feedback they can provide. A more affordable option is to use a freelancer.

Why Invest in a UX Audit?

There are many benefits to conducting UX Audits. The main benefit being that it can provide insight into your site visitors’ experience. Through it, you can answer questions that your basic website analytics cannot. Such as:

  1. What content or design element is leading visitors to the desired actions, and what is not?
  2. What strategies have already been tried, and what impact did it have on conversions?
  3. Which metrics are being collected, and which should you be collecting?
  4. What does the data tell you about your users’ needs?

By identifying the answers to these questions, you gain the knowledge needed to solve why a customer might have abandoned their cart or why your website visitors aren’t converting to your desired action. And from there, you can optimize areas to better reach your objectives and attend to customers’ needs.

UX Audit Benefits:

  • Improved functionality.
  • Increased customer satisfaction. Users have a much more pleasant experience; no more frustration or confusion.
  • Better sales.

A user who finds your website easy to use will be a satisfied user, which means a higher conversion rate which in return means better sales!

Where to Start?

Start with us! Discover how a UX Audit can help transform your business goals into a reality!