Repurpose your Marketing Content

Repurpose Your Marketing Content and Reach a Larger Audience

Have you ever labored over content for your marketing pieces, only to post once and forget about it? Let’s face it, creating content is time consuming and, well, wouldn’t you rather be doing something fun? Wouldn’t it be great if you could reuse your content? Well, you can! And, there are many benefits other than saving you time.  

What is repurposing? It’s recycling content you’ve already created. Whether it’s content you’ve created this week or a year ago, you can repurpose it in different ways to share on multiple platforms.  

What are the benefits? When you repurpose you content you’re allowing it to reach a wider audience. Not everyone enjoys reading blogs, nor watching YouTube videos. You’re increasing the chance that you’ll reach more readers as your re-creating your content to be absorbed in their favorite way.  

It’s good for SEO purposes too! The amount of engagement and search traffic is taken into account for Search Engine Algorithms. When you share your information on different platforms, you’ll create more engagement. You’ll also open the possibility of others curating your content, which is beneficial.  

How do you repurpose your content? First off, don’t forget your number one goal is to focus your efforts on creating quality content that’s engaging. Next, think about the different marketing streams and how your content could be tweaked to fit the platform.  

Start with one topic and create two to three different marketing pieces. You can create a blog, social media post, infographic, video, podcast, email newsletter or eBook. We’ve put together several ways to repurpose your content.  

  • Blogs – Use your well-written blog and share it in a weekly newsletter and on your social media sites. Choose parts of your blog to share or a summary.  
  • Vlogs – Share these on your website, YouTube, Vimeo as well as shortened bits on social media sites. You can also use these to write a blog or share in an email newsletter. 
  • Videos – Upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo. Use short segments of the video (or the whole video if it’s short) to share on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Again, you can create text using videos and share as a blog or social media post. 
  • Podcasts – Share the full podcast on iTunes, Podcast App or Spotify. You can also pull short audio clips to share on social media or write a blog from the content. 
  • Facebook Live – Create a Facebook live Q&A to answer questions from your followers live. Use this content to share on YouTube and go full circle by turning it into a blog.  
  • eBooks– If you have a series of content already created, then you may have the beginning of an eBook. Stitching together useful information you’ve provided, whether it be videos, vlogs, blogs or podcasts can be the start to your own book. 
  • Email Series – A drip campaign is a series of emails that are sent to your subscribers. You can grab content from videos, audios and blogs to write an informative drip to keep your readers interested. 

The options for repurposing content are endless. It’s important to keep in mind that all content isn’t appropriate for every platform. Don’t be afraid to experiment to see how your content can best be used and how your followers respond to it. 

DCA Virtual can help you start producing quality and engaging content as well as repurpose it to be used on a variety of platforms. The first step is to schedule a call with us to discuss your business needs and goals.