Email Marketing with DCA Virtual Make your email subject lines count

Make Your Email Subject Lines Count

A successful email marketing campaign starts with a good subject line! Avoid having your email deleted from your client or customer’s crowded inbox, by creating subject lines that are short, too-the-point, and (most importantly) personalized.

Here are just a few tips on how to entice your audience:

1.) Don’t Use Spam-y Language

Avoid loud and aggressive promotional words that make your email look like spam or a scam. This might even prevent your email from ever entering their inbox. Instead, it will be tossed in the spam or trash folder, never to be seen or touched.

Think about how the following language and symbols make certain emails un-enticing:Buy, Earn, $$$, Cash, Biz, Free, ALL CAPS, Reminder, Urgent, Now!!! Doesn’t sound like a legitimate email, does it?

Avoid bold, hyper-promotional words and punctuation and you’ll increase your odds of having your email read.

2.) Keep It Concise

Make sure your subject line is 50 characters or less, so recipients find it easier to scan. This will also ensure that the title of your email doesn’t get cut off, especially on a mobile phone.

Omit redundant words, or words that offer too many unimportant details. Unless your purpose is to write poetically, effusive language isn’t necessary.

– Write using an active voice, rather a passive one.


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3.) Make It Personal

There are several ways you can do this. You can actually include the recipient’s name will increase your chances of having your email opened. Alternatively, you can lump your email audience into a single category:


Happy birthday, Susan! Here’s a gift.

Pet owners, enjoy your discount!

To Our Favorite Clients – You’re invited!

If you don’t want to use a person’s name, at least include the pronoun “you” or “your” so that the recipient feels like they’re being personally addressed.

4.) Create A Balanced Sense of Urgency

While sales-speak will often lead to your email getting deleted, it is still important to encourage your customers to act quickly on important savings or events. You can avoid sales-speak by keeping it simple and honest, and by refraining from loud punctuation.


Tomorrow Only – Enjoy 40 Percent Off

Annual Gala – Only 20 Tickets Left

Now or Never for Half-Priced Pillows

5.) Ask Questions

This also makes the email sound personal. Asking your recipient a meaningful question makes them consider the answer- which lies right within your email.


What do your clients say about you?

When was the last time you got a foot massage?

How does ice-cream sound?

We hope you found these tips helpful! Having an effective, enticing subject line will make-or-break an email marketing campaign.

If you need more advice on email marketing, talk to DCA Virtual Business Support. We specialize in launching email marketing campaigns for small businesses, so schedule your consultation today!