Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Executive Assistant

Team Member Since March 2022

Born and raised in California and now residing in Washington State Derek is a West Coast native that has spent time all along the Western side of the United States. Derek has spent most of his life as a musician and audio professional, and with extensive experience in music/audio production and sound design Derek is comfortable working with music and audio for any application. His years as an audio professional and performer led him to encounter many different life interests and skillsets along the way, and he found that working with computers/information systems had become an equal part of his life. Whether it be for digital audio production, website design, programming, or data/email management comfortability with digital environments have been necessary throughout Derek’s career, and his combinations of interests and experience has led him to strive for a harmonious balance between creative and analytical skills. Furthering his combination of passions and work skills Derek is pursuing a BS in Cybersecurity and is actively involved with audio related projects such as audio/podcast editing, as well as office/administrative projects. Derek strives to bring a well-rounded combination of skills and experience to his work with DCA, and looks forward to making every client have an excellent experience.

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