Celebration of Women
Through Women's Empowerment & Allyship

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History is being written right before our eyes. From the 1848 Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention to the ratification of the 19th Amendment, to the first woman vice president of the United States, women are making their voices heard. What can we do as female entrepreneurs to protect and uplift each other?

The answer starts with allying with women in their fight for equality. As our special guest Shantera Chatman notes, the meaning of allyship is not always clear.

Whether you attended our live Women's Equality Day fireside chat or are just now listening in, this discussion has valuable insight into what allyship, mentorship, and empowerment look like in action. Drawing from personal experiences, we highlight the ways business owners can become true advocates in the workplace.

Shantera Chatman is the founder of The Chatman Women's Foundation and President of PowHer Consulting.

Denise Cagan is the President of DCA Virtual Business Support and the host of the Nurture Small Business Podcast

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