Erin Gaulding

Erin Gaulding

Executive Assistant

Team Member Since October 2023

Erin is best known for her dynamic enthusiasm, forward-thinking leadership, and unwavering optimism. Hailing from the vibrant business community of Houston, she's not just a Business + Leadership coach; Erin is fueled by a profound passion for aiding small business owners who are shaping the world.

Erin leverages her coaching background to offer a distinctive perspective on processes and organization. Her administrative prowess is a game-changer for bustling enterprises, making a tangible impact at the very core. Simply put, she has a passion for assisting small businesses and their owners!

Beyond her administrative role, Erin is a bit of a tech enthusiast, always eager to explore new software that can automate tasks and enhance overall efficiency.

As a mother to a budding race car driver, a self-proclaimed home chef, and the proud caregiver of a pooch named Jack Jack, Erin embodies the spirit of someone deeply committed to both her professional endeavors and the joys of life beyond the business realm.



Erin Gaulding DCA Virtual ExecutiveAssistant