Stand Out on Social Media with
Short Bite Video Production

Step Up Your Advertising

Need a more interactive way to explain your business or services?

Look no further!  

DCA Virtual Business Support now offers eye-catching videos that engage your customers on an emotional level. Videos are a powerful tool for building brand awareness, and they encourage social sharing.

Not sure if you need videos for your website or social media? Why not both.  With three purchase options available, our versatile videos will help you stand out from the crowd on any platform.

Series of 3 Mini Ads

This set of 10-second videos is intended to WOW your target audience.  Short, sweet and to the point. Suitable for social media sharing and website usage.

30 Second Video

Make customerts aware of everything you offer with our 30 second short bite video services. This video is intended to present a service. Suitable for social media sharing and website usage.

60 Second Video

This video is intended to present your business. Help your customers understand you and your business. We recommend using this video length for presentations our your website.

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