Jaquilyn Trowbridge

Jaquilyn Trowbridge

Junior Designer

Team Member Since December 2021

Jaquilyn is currently residing in Ohio but has lived all over the US due to family in the military. She has been married since 2014 and is recently a mom. She has vast experience in graphic design with two bachelor's degrees in graphic design from Pensacola Christian College with a minor in advertising and web development; and commercial art from Southwest Baptist University. She also received an associate's in medical assistant technology from Sinclair Community College.

Jaquilyn likes to consider herself a "Jack of All Trades" and brings a variety of experiences to everything she does. She designs and remodels houses to flip with her husband in their free time. She can draw and paint using a variety of mediums, cook and bake, sew, crochet and knit. She dabbles in writing, and when not learning something new she likes to play video games, listen to music, and re-watch every science-fiction TV show available.