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Is Pinterest Right For Small Business?

If you’re like most small business owners today, you want to know the best way to reach your target market. And being the savvy individual you are, you’ve probably noticed the wide variety of free social media platforms and are probably wondering which one is the best for you. Facebook and Twitter tend to be […]

Designed for Small Business Owners: Get the Most Out of Your Social Media

Stop being overwhelmed by your social media. Learn quick, effective ways to increase your reach and brand your message without spending a bunch of money or time.

To Outsource or Not to Outsource? That is the question…

Your business is growing, you’re hiring more people, you’re making money, but you feel like you’re getting swallowed up in the day to day. How do you solve this problem so you can focus more energy on the things that matter the most? Outsourcing some of your tasks might be the answer. This will allow […]

How to Fire a Client

Why on earth would you want to fire a client? Isn’t that somewhat like quitting a job? Well, yes and no. Typically it is not a good business practice to give a client a ‘two-week notice’ and then wash your hands of them. However, I did recently give this advice to someone who asked. This […]

Oh No, You Didn’t Say That!

These days it can be a challenge to participate in social media without a bombardment of political statements, rants, and horror stories. How is the small business owner supposed to actively utilize these free and engaging tools (think Facebook, Twitter, etc) without dipping their toes in the ever churning waters of public opinion? Well, perhaps […]

Anyone Can Do Social Media…or Can They?

The simple truth is anyone CAN do social media but that does not necessarily mean that everyone does it well. It frustrates me to hear customers say, “Oh, I’ll just get my intern or a volunteer or one of my employees to handle our Facebook page.” My head immediately swells with questions: Do they understand […]