Meet Our President & Client Testimonials


Denise Cagan


Denise Cagan started her first business in 2001. In this business, she wore many hats: marketing, human resources, office manager, chief financial officer and scheduler. After 10 years of ownership in 2011, she sold that business and started her current business which was marketed as Denise Can Assist at conception. As the business grew and evolved, the model changed and DCA Virtual Business Support was born in 2014.

DCA Virtual Business Support provides small businesses with an expert pairing of virtual office assistants to client needs. Our virtual office assistants are skilled at social media management, customer service, suggestive selling, research and documentation.

Prior to  entering the business world Denise earned a BS in Quality Systems Development from James Madison University. She was born in Upstate New York, though confesses to enjoying the warmer and milder weather of the south and resides in Charlotte, NC

Current and past professional affiliations include Business Leaders of Charlotte (board and member), National Association of Women Business Leaders (board and member), Business Sorority, BNI and many other local networking groups. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Sandbox, a local non-profit.


Denise and her team have been a huge help for me. I have been trying very hard to let go and delegate more of my busy work, and it's great to know I can count on them to handle it. They are responsive to requests to changes or tweaks, they are consistent with time and quality, and are willing to take on new tasks, as well as suggest ways to make things smoother and easier for me. I definitely recommend them if you need some help running your business while you DO your business.

Becca Bazzle, Essential Therapy

September 25, 2012

Denise is very knowledgeable of her job. I am a small business owner and she has decreased my stress level and increased my sales. I love the ideas she brings to the table. She is a Social Media guru and loves what she does. Denise you Rock!!! I am so glad that I have you on-board to assist me with my business.

Yetta Delgado, Divine Essence Total Bodycare,LLC

May 12, 2016


Denise is reliable, organized and personable. I never have to worry about our calendar listings getting updated each month as they are in her very capable hands...what a relief!

Cindy Ballaro, The Respite Centre for Grief and Hope

I am such a fan of both Denise Cagan and her company. Denise and her team have worked with me to create solutions for my growing company by providing research and scheduling support. The team is friendly, very capable, and accommodating to my sometimes feast-or-famine structure. Denise is a fellow entrepreneur I am proud to know and partner with.

Josh Jacobson, Next Stage Consulting, LLC

March 24, 2016

I have been using DCA Virtual Business Support for over a year now. I honestly do not know what I would do without Denise and her team. I was a little nervous at first as I was not sure they would be able to understand my industry. Denise helps me with 2 businesses and has gone way above and beyond to understand both businesses. I am truly grateful for my relationship with DCA.  

Beth Miller-Miller on the Go

November 18, 2016

DCA is helping our company to reduce risks and make more money. We're getting a sweet ROI and we get to meet some amazing people (Denise and her team) at the same time!

Jaime Campbell-Tier One Services LLC

July 10, 2016

Denise is one of the nicest, personable people I have had the pleasure to work with. She is intelligent, caring and diligent. I encourage you to contact Denise to see how she can improve your business operation and profitability.

Dr. S Glenn Jaffe - Jaffe Chiropractic Clinic

June 15, 2016

I recently took Denise’s Social Media Training and found it to be very helpful. The education was valuable and she covered each topic thoroughly. It was great to have her answer questions that relate specifically to my business and that of my client’s. I would recommend this training to others who want instruction on social media so they can represent their business better with their online presence. 

Denise Harenda-My Virtual Assistant Pro

December 9, 2016

Denise and her team are fabulous! Patriot Military Family Foundation depends on their expertise for a variety of event needs in addition to our outreach to donor, volunteers and supporters! DCA is a very vital part of our team!

Susan Jerin Gray, Patriot Military Family Foundation

March 21, 2017

DCA Virtual has been a great asset to my Executive Coaching business. The Social Media postings have increased my market and ratings. Denise and her team are very responsive and listen to my desires and requests. I highly recommend DCA Virtual.

Rhonda York, TeamWide Solutions

August 28. 2017

I have known Denise for over 10 years. She is always professional and makes sure her team represents the DCA brand in a positive manner. Denise and her team clearly understand that customer service is job #1! I strongly recommend using DCA Virtual Business Support for all your business support needs!

Zeke Farrington, Zane Advisors

January 9, 2018